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woman happy springSpring Into Success
Coaching Program!

Every Thursday, May 5th through 26th, 2016

Hurry and register Now!

1st Quarter has come and gone and if you have not gotten the results you needed to grow your business then you must stop and pay close attention to how this program can help you get postive and lasting results in your business!

Introducing the All New Clarity Session!

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Learn about the all new Clarity Session and why you need to schedule one now!  All businesswomen experience a lack of Clarity from time to time.  

However, when the lack of Clarity causes a loss of revenue, cloudy judgement or makes you feel lost in your business - it's time for a Clarity Session! Click the link below to learn more and get started! 

savvy networking 101Savvy Networking 101 Guide!

This is the Guide & Workbook You Need to Create Your Networking Strategy!

Are you ready to get better results through networking?  If so, you'll want to get a copy of my book, Savvy Networking 101!  It provides you with in-depth understanding of how to develop your networking strategy including

power of follow up for business women 400The Power of Follow Up
For Business Women e-Report!

More Connections, More Clients, More Money!

Do you want to know the secret to how big companies are getting customer/clients to say "yes" to their services and products?  Do you want to know what only 10% of businesses in your industry are using to get more than 75% of all of the clients or customers?  It has everything to do with developing an efficient follow up system!

FREE PowerTalk
Coaching Session for Women!

with Trina Newby
Business Success Coach & Founder of Women About Biz

woman joy beachIntroducing PowerTalk Coaching for Women a FREE one-hour consultation/coaching session to help you gain clarity, focus, resources and support for your start up business, ideas and/or business challenges.

If you've been thinking about hiring a business coach or would like to discover what a coaching session is all about - this is a great way to do it!

Don't Take Self-Doubt Into the New Year!

by Trina Newby, Business Success Coach

woman self doubt article2Towards the end of each year, I'm always encouraging business women to strategize and take action on what it is they want to do with their lives and business for the next year. You see, many women are feeling like they are in a time warp, because they are back at the same spot they experienced the previous year. 

list building 101 coverList Building 101

The Basics of Turning Visitors Into Subscribers!

Whether you haven an online business or you're needing to better understand the techniques of attracting visitors to your website to subscribe to your mailing list - this special PDF report will help you!

Written by Women About Biz founder and Business Success Coach, Trina Newby, List Building 101 is a simple-to-read PDF report that breaks down the basics of list building and how to create your list building system.