7 Habits of a Successful Businesswoman!

woman aa smiling thumbWhile most successful businesswomen have their own success recipe, it's not uncommon for them to have many of the same positive habits.


When it comes to creating your own success, positive habits must be formed and repeated consistently until they become a natural part of your being.


Below, learn 7 Habits of a Successful Businesswoman:

1. Dares to Dream!

A Powerful Woman does not set limits on herself.  She allows herself to dream and visualize her ideas and opportunities and then give life to them by writing them down.

2. Is All About Action

A Powerful Woman knows that in order to fulfill her dreams and goals she must take action. So, she's always asking herself the questions 1) "How can I accomplish this dream and who can help me make it happen?" 2) Are there any challenges to accomplish the tasks to accomplish the goal?  3) What are the solutions to the challenges?

3. Is a Thinker of Good Thoughts

In the words of John Maxwell, "Good thinkers solve problems, they never lack ideas that can build an organization, and they always have hope for a better future.  Good thinkers rarely find themselves at the mercy of ruthless people who would take advantage of them."

Always think positively and how you can make things better for your life and the life of others. Negative self-talk and doubting yourself will only give you negative results.

4. Takes Care of Herself Physically & Mentally

A Powerful Woman realizes that she gives up her power if she doesn't take care of herself first.  She realizes that she must put the seatbelt of life on herself before helping anyone else.  So, she takes time to "find her joy", she eats healthy and exercise at least 30 minutes daily.

5. Is A Strong Leader

A successful woman makes sure she understands the skills and knowledge required to be a leader for her life and business.  She consistently enhances her life and business knowledge and is always asking herself, "How can I be a better leader?"

6. Has A Wealthy Mindset

A Powerful woman realizes that financial wealth will never come if she is not wealthy first with the way she thinks.  Learn to enhance your life now.  Don't wait for some time in the future to take a trip or design your home the way you want it or make changes or improvements to your business.  Seize the now in your life and do it now!

7. Is Authentic and Stays True to Herself

Authenticity is a powerful word, because when you make a commitment to be true to yourself and stop trying to mock, mimic or "keep up with the Joneses", you'll be a more satisfied and happier person.

In business, it's easy to go down the road of trying to do everything that your competitors do or having the feeling that your competitors can offer something better than you can.  

So, it's important to always ask yourself the question: "What sets me apart from my competitors?", "What are the benefits that prospective clients or customers have in using my service or purchasing my product?".  You need to know the answer to these questions, because if you can't answer the - surely your prospective clients are confused about the answers as well.

If you truly want to tap into the power of YOU, it's important for you to consistently evaluate habits that are giving you negative results. Sometimes, you'll also have to dig deeper and learn why you continuously repeat defeating habits.  

Remember, all habits are formed and stored in the subconscious mind, so becoming a master at understanding how to reprogram your subconscious thoughts in one of the major keys in creating your own success!